Why selfhelp.pk?

Do you like the topics that are posted at selfhelp.pk? Do you have a passion to help others to grow in their lives? Do you want to share your knowledge with the world? Have you experienced an event in your life that has changed you and you want to share that experience with the world? Do you want to be a leader which other can follow and seek guidance from?

Then selfhelp.pk is the right place for you to share your passion, knowledge, experiences and thoughts with the world. Via this platform you can reach a wide range of readers and make a big impact not only on others lives, but also you gain credibility for your skills and passion. You can grow your potential for more business and career opportunities and increase your brand exposure.


How to get published on selfhelp.pk?

If you have relevant to the topics in selfhelp.pk and want to publish it here, please share your contents at contact@selfhelp.pk


Guidelines and Recommendations for Writing Articles

Please follow below guidelines when you are writing articles:

  • Articles can be written about topics relevant to below area
    • Life
    • Productivity
    • Money
    • Career
    • Communication
    • Health and Fitness


  • Article must be grammatically correct. The usage of verbs, nouns, pronouns, articles, propositions, conjugation and other building blocks of English must be correctly used.


  • If the¬†article is using information from other sources, then those sources must be quoted at the end of the article.


  • If contents from other sources have been used then references information must be provided.



1: Website name and link to the page.

2: Book name, page etc

  • The important point or piece of information must be emphasized with by making it Bold or Italic or by Underline


  • The article must contain a feature image that is relevant to the content of the article. It is preferable that image should be a Creative Common image with permission to used by anyone. The link to the image and source must be provided


  • External links in the article must be properly linked using hyperlinks.


We expect to have your articles published on selfhelp.pk soon!