How to Write a CV when you are a Fresh Graduate?




As the University life end you step into an actual world where you came to know strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the societies, where CV shows the impression of what you are. CV is the abbreviation of Curriculum Vita. It is personalized and passionate data of your skills, knowledge, and abilities. CV plays a most vital role in a career which helps you to find an accurate job according to your skills. Through the perfect CV, you can also analyze yourself which market suits you the best.

  • Start Up:

Your CV should illustrate what you can do and how motivated you are for the job you are applying for. The one who reads your CV is more interested in knowing what you can do for that company instead of what you have done. So, always start up with a motivating statement and your educational background.


  • Knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA):

Your CV should clearly mention KSAs which highlights why you are important for them. There are many potential employees in the market why they should hire you? Keep this question in mind while stating your KSAs. In the world of competition you must stand different so that people can recognize you with your abilities and capabilities.

  • Academic background:

Your CV should lead with your educational background as you are a freshy you can highlight your degree completion year.  It should include your academic percentages, grades and any achievements if you have so. What you have learnt so far from your university should be stated in your CV. When it comes to fresh graduates extra curriculum activities are always important to be mentioned it is most important for most of the companies.

  • Curriculum activities and Certifications:

CV should include your all the certificates you have archived so far. It should also mention your field of interest, activities, and hobbies. Your PR in the University also counts. The fresh graduate should have many activities to mention it inspire the reader. Your certificates and publications are also equally important to gear up your CV it indicates your recent and advance knowledge toward particular publications.

  • Big NO to long story:

A good CV should be concise, and it should be in bullet points. Nobody is interested to read the two-page lengthy resume. The more they read, the more reader loses interest. Recruiters and HR professionals can analyze multiple types of CVs in few seconds. They make up their minds just by reading a single page. Try to keep your CV concise and to write in bullets that highlight your skills, capabilities, and abilities. Avoid overwriting, paragraphs and long stories. Make it clear and concise, use headings and divide sections according to your skills. Try to end your CV on one page.

  • Honest and Accurate information:

When people think to hire fresh graduates they know that they are hiring a raw talent which needs to be polished and they, have to train them according to company requirements. A recent graduate is a source of new learning for other members of the company. His/her advance knowledge and recent research can be fruitful for the enterprise. But graduates have, to be honest in their CVs what they are offering to the company must be valid information in all aspects.