How to start investing in stock market for beginners

Investing in Stock Market

Investing in Stock MarketNo one loves to lose his money, people mostly knock the doors of stock market in search of profit, wealth and prosperity. To earn all these optimistic factors, an individual going to invest in stock exchange needs to educate himself to turn all his reserves lucrative. Hence, to guide you right for investing money in stock exchange as a beginner, we have come up with few important things an individual should do to be a successful investor:

  • Explore the World of Stocks

Limited knowledge in any field of life leads you to no destination. Hence, to be an efficacious investor, strive to recognize the term called as “stocks”. Employ distinct reading material available on internet, in books of great authors and available upon various articles, blogs or websites (including Investopedia, and many others). After having the complete knowledge of stock market setup, identify your goals pushing you to be a part of this investment domain as well as categorize the level of your risk tolerance. Investment in stocks derives with a certain level of risk, especially for the people looking forward to short term returns. There are four basic kinds of investor profiles relevant to the risk tolerance:

Conservative The investors falling under this category usually avoid any sort of capital loss. Such individuals necessitate constant growth of capital leading to greater returns having no association of risk.
Moderate Investors of this category can bear little fluctuation of capital for a shorter run, leading to massive earnings in the longer run.
Moderately Aggressive The investors falling under this category agrees to tolerate a calculated amount of risk, becoming an obstacle in their capital growth. They accept instabilities if and only if the investment going to pay great returns instead of some fixed sums.
Aggressive This group of investors can bear any type of risk, having no tension of fulfilling their financial responsibilities from the returns of invested money. They hold the ability of tolerating loss as well as the capacity of pleasing fiscal commitments.


  • Open a Stock Broker Account

What is the exact way of buying stocks? Many of us prefer brokerage firms for opening an account and for investing in stock market. Now, you must be thinking, “what are brokerage firms?” Brokerage firm is simply a company having greater reach to stock exchange, and are usually seen involved in account opening procedure for the convenience of investors. The firms after charging a small amount of fee, efficiently follow investor’s instructions and move to stock exchange for the buying and selling of stocks as per an investor’s orders. This is the traditional and mostly employed mode of investing in stock market.

Other than this, people in modernized world of investment could also go for online account opening services. This eventually saves them from the payment of brokerage charges. But, clutch no help for the investors while making the investment decisions.



  • Brokerage Firms crafting Investment Effortless

Distinct brokerage companies have diverse advantages as well as disadvantages. Companies charging higher fees provide great facilitation upon the selection of stocks to the individual investors while those charging low transaction fee grip no concern with the investor’s stocks.

  • Investment Options in Stock Market

There are five distinct types of assets investors usually utilize to be at a participant of wealth maximization stage. One could invest in such assets directly or through an assembled structure including hedge funds, index funds, mutual funds or exchange traded funds.

Common Stocks Acquiring such stocks, you attain ownership of the firm with your stake in net income and eventually in dividends generated by the corporation.
Preferred Stocks Investment leading to greater dividends but holds limited number of advantages.
Bonds A type of investment which allows the financier to lend money to any state, organization or institution. This sphere includes Treasury bonds, Foreign Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds and others.
Money Market Instruments An account or a fund considered equivalent to cash are short term in nature and recognized as the highly liquid debt securities. Bonds pay a fixed amount of income to the investors with maturities less than a year.
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) This is a type of security that allows the investors to put their in real estate (property or mortgages). They are extremely liquid in nature and usually generate high dividend earnings.


  • Ways of Investing Money

The people having least knowledge of stock market usually consider themselves comfy after investing the whole sum in a single corporation. Is it really a good option? It would be a great selection if the company stock values keeps on moving towards the higher platforms but what if it turns to losses as no one could give you the confirmation of constant profits? That case could make the investor suffer through worst situations of his living and would show him the zero figure instead of being a massive return holder.

Such scenario shows us the importance of investing money employing the great technique of diversification. According to this practice, investor should not put all of his money in one single company rather he should make a portfolio of distinct companies moving profitably towards the achievement of their profit maximization goal. This tool undoubtedly reduces the risk factor and proves quite beneficial for the gainful existence of an investor.

  • Inspection of Financial Statements

Three financial statements are measured very important while making decision of investment in any company stocks:

  1. Income Statement
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Cash Flow Statement

All the three sheets perfectly support each other, therefore it’s necessary to examine them carefully instead of making choices with incomplete information. Investors should read quarterly and annual reports for understanding the financial position of an organization.

  • Right Selection of Stocks

Stock selection is definitely an art, as it involves the right understanding of an organizational health while putting a large sum of money in it as a shareholder. For this, an investor should focus upon the qualitative as well as quantitative factors including profits, dividend yields, firm’s reputation, competitive edge and employee performance. Investors sometimes also have to capitalize utilizing their power of intuition. While making an investment, investors should also consider the risk associated with the securities and compare it with their own level of risk tolerance.

Hence, this shows that a single mistake could make you suffer through great losses. So, keep a good emotional behavior, make complete research and then put in your money employing distinctive mentality.  Good Luck!